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Are you comfortable calling yourself a leader? You should be.

candy“How completely comfortable are you with calling yourself a leader? See, I’ve asked that question all the way across the country, and everywhere I ask it, no matter where, there’s always a huge portion of the audience that won’t put up their hand. And I’ve come to realize that we have made leadership into something bigger than us. We’ve made into something beyond us. We’ve made it about changing the world. And we’ve taken this title of leader, and we treat it as if it’s something that one day we’re going to deserve, but to give it to ourselves right now means a level of arrogance or cockiness that we’re not comfortable with.

We’ve made leadership about changing the world, and there is no world. There’s only six billion understandings of it, and if you change one person’s understanding of it, one person’s understanding of what they’re capable of, one person’s understanding of how much people care about them, one person’s understanding of how powerful an agent for change they can be in this world, you’ve changed the whole thing.” – Drew Dudley


If you are not familiar with TED Talks, you should be. Here is a short one; Everyday Leadership from Drew Dudley. It is worth every one of its six minutes and it may just change your understanding of leadership.


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