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Living a Haymaker

a punch delivered with great force, esp. one that results in a knockout.

Sgt. Alan Haymaker, a Chicago police officer, was killed on Monday morning when he lost control of his squad on an icy Lake Shore Drive on his way to a burglary in progress call. He became the 31st U.S. police officer killed in the line of duty in 2010, the 11th in an automobile accident ( In the hours after the accident the first media accounts offered these things to say about Sgt. Haymaker:

Though most officers declined comment, Haymaker’s former partner took the opportunity to recall the deceased peace officer as a man who “had a great love for God, his family and friends.”
“He was patient with young officers and loved to teach. It’s what he did all the time.”

“At the scene of a shooting, he would comfort the family and tell them about God and how he would pull them through.”

“Al was a servant type,” said Michael Mealer, commander of the Albany Park District. “Police work was a calling, whether he was making an arrest or holding someone’s hand.”

“A lot of people don’t think you could be a good policeman and a Christian,” Mealer said.  “Al never hid his faith from anyone. He tried to make sure he was the best Christian witness he could be with the job he had.  He felt God led him into circumstances during his job where he could be faithful to the community.”

“The nicest man in the world. He was a man of God, adored and loved his wife and daughters. Most of all he loved being a COP!!”

By all accounts Sgt. Alan Haymaker lived a life based on ordered principles; he loved God, his wife, his children and the noble profession he was called to. The result; he lived a life with an impact like a “punch delivered with great force.”  We can all learn a lesson from Sgt. Haymaker on living a life with purpose that impacts those around us. Are you living a haymaker?


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  1. I am living life with a haymaker, for sure. That guy sounds alot like you.

  2. He is being remembered for the things that matter. I hope to do so well, thanks.

  3. Alan (Sgt. Haymaker) was a friend of mine. Thank you for these kind words.

    As for you Sir, this looks like an excellent work you are doing here. Keep up the good work.

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