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What is a Modern Knight?

 knight (nīt)
A defender, champion, or zealous upholder of a cause or principle.


A police officer wears a shield on the left side of their uniform for a reason. The strong side, predominantly your right hand, is for your weapon. The left side carries the symbol of the knights of old, the protectors of ancient society. The shield represents the modern commitment that law enforcement officers have made as warriors, servants and leaders to “serve and protect.” Police officers are modern knights, going to work each day with weapons and armor with a noble cause to protect our society and ensure our welfare. That is the culture that has helped shape my perspective, so these modern knights are my primary intended audience, but the definition does not end there.

It is character that makes a knight, not vocation. Character founded on sound principles and the pursuit of a purpose that matters makes you a knight at home as a parent, at work, and in the world. John Maxwell describes the difference between emotion-driven people and character-driven people.

Character-driven people…

  1. Do right, then feel good.
  2. Are commitment driven.
  3. Make principle-based decisions.
  4. Let action control attitude.
  5. Believe it, then see it.
  6. Create momentum.
  7. Ask, “What are my responsibilities?
  8. Continue when problems arise.
  9. Are steady.
  10. Are leaders.

Emotion-driven people…

  1. Feel good, then do right.
  2. Are convenience-driven.
  3. Make popular decisions.
  4. Let attitude control action.
  5. See it, then believe it.
  6. Wait for momentum.
  7. Ask, “What are my rights?”
  8. Quit when problems arise.
  9. Are moody.
  10. Are followers.

A modern knight has the sense that God has something better for our world and that they have been called from the sidelines onto the field to make a difference. Having been called into service and into leadership a modern knight has a desire to live differently and influence the lives of others through a pursuit of the life that God wants for us.

How? Let’s explore that together.


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  1. I like this.

  2. My brothers. I thought for a long time I might be crazy. Cuz since I was 7 I started feeling I had a grand purpose in life. When I was 9 I had a dream from God. Ever since ice been trying to figure it out not realizing I’ve been doing his work a long time. I’m 46 now. I’m a pa state constable. When I red this. I felt relieved I’m not crazy I believe in everything this post says it’s like I wrote it. I my brothers am at your service. Its a pleasure to meet you.

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