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Following the Rules Is Never Enough

Following rules alone not only fails to inspire trust it leads to a culture of “compliance with the letter of the law” and finding “loopholes” to achieve the lowest level of compliance necessary to stay out of trouble. Rules, standards or laws will never set the bar high enough to draw out the excellence that can only come from character and integrity.

American Sniper: The Faith of a Sheepdog

Much is being made of the life of Chris Kyle, some positive and some negative, after the release of American Sniper. Both the book and the movie provide a glimpse of the man’s faith and his philosophy of life. In one of the early scenes in the movie after Chris has defended his younger brother from […]

Stoning the Gatekeepers

Police Use of Deadly Force: Should There be a Different Standard For Cops? The street and real life isn’t the classroom nor is it anything like the sterile environment of the court room where plenty of time, no risk and 20/20 hindsight leave plenty of time for second guessing decisions and scrutinizing mistakes that now with no emotion, no pushes, no shoves, no punches or kicks, no weapons shown nor bullets flying. – Fred T. Leland, Jr.

The customer is always right, right?

It is important, but for a police officer it is not about customer service. It is about treating everyone with respect and with dignity. Having a customer that you might be required to kill changes everything. It is not about creating a feeling, it is about serving with integrity. That raises the bar well above mere “customer service.”

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