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Laying a foundation

Look at and you will see an avalanche of books on leadership with a stream of new titles each offering a spin on what it takes to lead.  Look at our national leadership and you will see a series of decisions being made based on how wrong the last administration got it. Wait for the next election cycle and you will hear a catalog of all the things this administration did wrong – and how your vote can fix it. Look at the church, striving to stay “relevant”, many reacting to our culture by slipping away from their core values.

There is peril in trying to figure out which current thinking is the correct thinking that will take you down the right path. The good news is that there is another way. There is a reliable foundation that has survived the test of time. Not that contemporary leaders and writers don’t have insights and great things to say, to the contrary many do, but I want to lay the foundation with something old, something very old.

I discovered a list of “Ten Ancient Principles” that lay firm ground to build character on. These principals line up with another list, “The 10 Greatest Struggles of Your Life.” In the next few weeks I hope to bring these two lists together to uncover what I hope will be a fresh look at something familiar. Familiar principles that are worth struggling with to set the foundation for strong character. It does not sound easy, but anything worth doing rarely is.

Thanks for joining me on this ride.


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  1. Here is to your new road of expression! I have blogged about many a thing and have found it a very therapeutic way to sort through my thoughts. Go on, the audience is watching!

    The Face

  2. Kevin, thrilled to see your new blog. You have much wisdom to offer and I look forward to your thought-provoking perspective in the posts to come. Congratulations!!

  3. Thank you brother – I hope to see your face around here from time to time.

  4. Thanks Rick, I hope you don’t mind that I added you to the blog roll here. Your example inspired me to take this step.

  5. Just found your website. I look forward to reading through it. Hope all is well.

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