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A Good Quote is the Tip of the Iceberg

I love a good quote. These short quips that stand the test of time are fascinating. What makes for a good one? It has to be short, particularly if it is going to make it on Twitter, and it has to be memorable. Being clever helps too, but most importantly it should reveal something significant. The best quotes are the “tip of the iceberg” of a rule or principle worth digging into. That is what it takes to make a quote worthy of repeating, tweeting, or posting on your wall.

Stoning the Gatekeepers

Police Use of Deadly Force: Should There be a Different Standard For Cops? The street and real life isn’t the classroom nor is it anything like the sterile environment of the court room where plenty of time, no risk and 20/20 hindsight leave plenty of time for second guessing decisions and scrutinizing mistakes that now with no emotion, no pushes, no shoves, no punches or kicks, no weapons shown nor bullets flying. – Fred T. Leland, Jr.

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